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EXST7015 Daily Design 21 Carefully read the description of the experiment below. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design description as a class quiz. Cnidoscolus acontifolus (Americana leaf) leaves are used as soup condiment in Nigeria either in the processed or unprocessed forms. This study aims at assessing the effect of some post-harvest processes on the nutrient and antioxidant potentials of the leafy vegetable. Fresh Cnidoscolus acontifilous leaves were subjected to a control and 4 conventional food processes. The processes were applied to a portion (100g) from randomly chosen leaves. One process (1) was soaking in water for 24 hours and another (2) was blanched in boiling water for 5 minutes. Additional 100g portions were mechanically squeezed either with 5.0g salt (3, AWS=Abrasion with salt) or without salt (4, AWOS). One last 100g portion (5) served as the control (unprocessed). Both the processed and unprocessed techniques were subsequently analyzed on three 100 g portions for each process. Numerous components of nutrient composition (ash, fat, moisture and
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