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EXST7015 Daily Design 22 Carefully read the description of this experiment. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design as described (the experiment is modified from the original) as a class quiz. Increase herb consumption in United States has grown significantly and oregano is the most important in terms of both quantity and in dollar value. Thymol and carvacrol are the two major compounds in the essential oil obtained from Mexican oregano and are of special interest due to their antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. This study examines the effect of moisture and growth stage on the thymol and carvacrol composition of Mexican oregano. The greenhouse experiment was conducted (ambient temperature at 22-24 o C and a photoperiod of 16 h daylight and 8 h night) on seedlings that were started in perforated plastic tubes (5 oregano seeds/tube) and transplanted at two-months old to individual plastic pots (1 plant/pot) filled with a commercial peat mixture. There were 4 watering schemes
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