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EXST7015 Daily Design 23 Carefully read the description of this experiment. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design as described. Note that the experiment maybe modified from the original. A study was done at the Regional Duck Breeding Farm in Daulatpur, Khulna, Bangladesh. The objective was to examine the seasonal effect on duck eggs hatchability. Eggs were placed in an incubator and the number of eggs hatched was used to determine the hatchability percentage. Good quality, clean, medium- size eggs were collected for hatching. Hatchability was calculated on the basis of the number of eggs set into the incubator and the number of duckling hatched each month. Data were collected from 1995 to 2002, yielding 12 months of data for 8 years, for 96 observations. During this period 5,199,928 eggs were incubated and 2,789,000 ducklings were hatched. Years will differ, but year differences were not a variable that the investigator was interested in testing. Data were examined
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