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Unformatted text preview: Experimental Statistics 7025 April 8, 1997 Exam 1 NAME ______________________________ Geaghan Generic equations Eq 1) Yi 1 X i i Eq 2) Yi 0 1 X i i Eq 3) Yi 0 1 X i 2 X i2 i Eq 4) Yi 0 1 X i 2 X i2 3 X i3 i Eq 5) Yi 0 X i 1 i Eq 7) Yi 0e 1 X i Eq 6) Yi 0 X i 1 i Eq 8) Yi 1 X i i i X Eq 10) Z t Ft M t qf t M t Eq 9) Yi 0e 1 i i C Eq 11) U t t qN t ft Eq 13) Yi 0 X 1i 1 X 12i 2 X 2i i Eq 15) Nt 1 Nt e Eq 17) Yi qft M Xi 0 X i 1 i Eq 19) Yi 0 X i e 1 X i i 1 i Xi Eq 12) Yi 0 1 Rt t Eq 14) Yi 0 1 X 1i 2 X 2i i Eq 16) Lt Eq 18) Yi F 1 G H 1 0 L L L0 L 1 IJ e K kt i Xi Eq 20) Yi 1 X i 2 X i2 i Generic Model list Simple linear regression Simple linear regression (forced through origin) Power model Exponential mode (growth and decay) Logistic model Parabola Quadratic polynomial Cubic polynomial Rectangular hyperbola Hyperbola with asymptote (other than X axis) Generic list of Specific models Leslie model Delury model Natural mortality Exponential growth model Length - Length relationship Length - Weight relationship Schaefer model (non-equilibrium) Schaefer model (non-equilibrium, Schnute modification) Schaefer model (equilibrium) Ricker recruitment model Beverton - Holt recruitment model t Experimental Statistics 7025 April 8, 1997 Exam 1 NAME ______________________________ Geaghan Generic lines and curves Generic question topics Which models are not expected to be homogeneous as raw data? Which models are linear, intrinsically linear, non-linear? Which biological situations favor Ricker recruitment or Beverton-Holt recruitment? What type of model would be used to fit, mortality, recruitment, surplus yield, morphometric relationships, growth, … Know interpretation of terms and name points on the Gordon-Schaefer model (with income and cost) Know interpretation of terms in Ricker and Beverton-Holt recruitment models Know meaning of ponderal indices, condition factors Recognize contributions by Leslie, Delury, LeCren, Fox, Pella and Tomlinson, . Recognize biological interpretation of Zt, Ft, M, ft, q, N0, Nt, CPUE, Ct, rm, ...
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