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EXST 7025 – Population Statistics Homework 1 (2/22/11) Page 1 Source: 2/13/11, Mattilynn D. Dantin. Distribution and Relative Abundance of Blue Crab Callinectes Sapidus in the Upper Barataria Estuary, Louisiana. Ms Thesis in Marine and Environmental Biology, Nicholls State University, Spring 2007. On the EXST 7025 web page there is a blue crab dataset (csv) obtained as a nearly complete (and possibly correct) set of data from the above MS Thesis. There is also a SAS program with input statements. Be sure to change the “FILENAME” statement as needed to specify the site where you store the dataset on your computer. There are a number of observations that appear to be outliers. This homework is not intended to be observation diagnostic exercise, so I have removed some observations in the data step. Please do the analysis with the data set as provided so our answers will match. Answer the following questions about blue crab morphology analyzing the “J
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