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EXST7015 Statistical Techniques II Written project Geaghan Page 1 01e-ProjectDescription EXST7015 : Statistical Techniques II Written Project A written project is required for EXST7015. This report will consist of a typewritten report on a statistical analysis. The analysis will employ one or more of the techniques covered in the course. Students should work together in groups of 3 or 4 on the report, and each group will turn in a single report with the names in alphabetical order. Groups of 2 or 5 students by permission only. I would like a preliminary proposal for the project by Tuesday, October 12. The proposal should include the names of the persons in the group, a description of the data set and its source, and the type of analysis that is to be done. The data set should be an original data set. Please give me enough information about what you intend to do so that I can provide suggestions for analytical procedures not yet covered in the course. I need to know variables are available in the dataset, particularly whether they are quantititative
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