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Page | 1 Assignment 3 CSC1254/1, Fall 2011 A SSIGNMENT 3, CSC1254/1, F ALL 2011 Introduction to Programming with C++ II, Hartmut Kaiser Due: Tuesday, October 4 th , 2011 Submitted electronically: before 12:00 PM Accepted late: before October 5 th , 12:00PM: -15% before October 6 th , 12:00PM: -30% Please submit each of the tasks below as a separate file, named task1.cpp , task2.cpp , etc. Create all of these files inside a new sub-directory called prog3 . All files will have to be submitted in one step by invoking a submission command similarly as described in the document ‘Submitting homework (Assignment 3, Appendix)’ available from the course homepage. 1. ( 60% ) Write a function that reads words from an input stream and stores them in a vector. Use that function both to write programs that count the number of words in the input and to count
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Unformatted text preview: how many times each word occurred ( task1.cpp, task2.cpp ). The function should be compiled separately, i.e. placed into a separate file ( read_words.cpp ) and the function’s interface should be placed into yet another file ( read_words.hpp ). 2. ( 40% ) Take the grading program as developed in lecture 9 (Organizing Programs and Data 2, see here: ) and change it to calculate the grades immediately after reading the homework grades from the input, storing only the final grade the student_info structure ( task3.cpp ). Note: the student_info structure will have to be changed to store the student’s name and the overall (calculated) final grade only. All of the programs have to be compilable and, when run, should do the expected things....
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