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Assignment 6 - 1 Write a class and associated functions to...

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Page | 1 Assignment 6 CSC1254/1, Fall 2011 A SSIGNMENT 6, CSC1254/1, F ALL 2011 Introduction to Programming with C++ II, Hartmut Kaiser Due: Tuesday, November 29 th , 2011 Submitted electronically: before 12:00 PM Please submit the tasks below as files named task1.cpp and task2.cpp . Create the files inside a new sub-directory called prog6 . The files will have to be submitted at the same time by invoking a submission command similarly as described in the document ‘Submitting homework (Assignment 3, Appendix)’ available from the course homepage.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Write a class and associated functions to generate grades for students who take the course for pass/fail credit. Assume that only the midterm and final grades matter, and that a student passes with an average exam score greater than 60. The report should list the students in alphabetical order, and indicate P or F as the grade. 2. Rewrite the grading program for the pass/fail students (from task1) so that the report shows all the students who passed, followed by all the students who failed....
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