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Submitting homework (Assignment 0, Appendix)

Submitting homework (Assignment 0, Appendix) - SUBMITTING...

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Page | 1 Submitting Homework CSC1254/1, Fall 2011 S UBMITTING HOMEWORK 0, CSC1254/1, F ALL 2011 Introduction to Programming with C++ II, Hartmut Kaiser http://www.cct.lsu.edu/~hkaiser/fall_2011/csc1254.html This short document explains how to create and submit your homework using Unix. You are not required to create, compile, and execute the programs for your homework assignments in Unix. You can use any other C++ development environment as long as the programs you create will compile and execute correctly in the Unix environment. That shouldn’t be a problem, as C++ is a fairly standardized language, ensuring the portability of the created programs between different development environments. As an example, appendix C in our course book ( Stroustrup: Programming - Principles and Practice Using C++ , ISBN 9780321543721 ) explains how to develop your programs on Windows using the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Nevertheless, if you c hoose to develop your homework programs elsewhere, you’re still required to submit them electronically as outlined below. U SING UNIX TO EDIT , COMPILE , EXECUTE PROGRAMS C REATE A SUBDIRECTORY FOR THE ASSIGNMENT 1. After you log into your UNIX account with your logon ID and password, you are in your home directory . Whatever directory you are currently "in" is called the
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