Syllabus - SYLLABUS, CSC1254/1, FALL 2011 Introduction to...

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Page | 1 Syllabus CSC1254/1, Fall 2011 S YLLABUS , CSC1254/1, F ALL 2011 Introduction to Programming with C++ (II), Hartmut Kaiser C OURSE S UMMARY This course is for someone who has had some programming experience before but nevertheless is willing to work hard to learn. It helps you understand the principles and acquire the practical skills of programming using the C++ programming language. The course is ideal for undergraduate research positions or summer jobs requiring C++. It is not a class for experienced programmers in C++. My aim is for you to gain sufficient knowledge and experience to perform simple useful programming tasks using the best up-to-date techniques. Don't expect to spend less time than maybe 15 hours a week for 14 weeks if you work by yourself. The new C++11 international standard has finally being accepted this year. This is good news as it allows me to base all the course material on this new and revised language specification. Don’t be afraid, though. This will make your job easier. The revised C++ language is much easier to teach and to learn as many of the darker corners have been straightened out, and the overall appearance of the language is more homogeneous. The approach taken in this course is “depth first” in the sense that it quickly moves through a series of basic techniques, concepts, and language supports before broadening out for a more complete understanding. Roughly the first half of the course concentrates on examples of using the standard library abstractions. In the second half of the course we will talk about how you can define your own abstractions. The general focus of the course is on data structures and algorithms, which means we will analyze existing ones, and later on, build our own data structures and algorithms while using the existing ones as a starting point. The first lectures (about 5 weeks) cover objects, types and values, computation, debugging, error handling, the development of a couple of examples. This part of the course is mainly a review of language-technical aspects including the design of functions and classes. The C++ standard library is highlighted; we will explore how to utilize these predefined facilities. At the same time these lectures go beyond a simple review by discussing concepts, more details, and more in depth material.
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Syllabus - SYLLABUS, CSC1254/1, FALL 2011 Introduction to...

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