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Math 1550, Section 30 Exam 3 Information - Exam 3 will be on Thursday November 4 th , from 4:30 5:30. Prior to that, from 3 to 4:30, we will have regular class time. - Study Session: There will be a study session on Wednesday Nov 3 rd , from 6pm 7pm in our regular classroom. Please bring any questions you may have then, and also to my office hours. - Exam 3 covers sections 3.11, and 4.2 through 4.7. - What you should focus on: o The word problems from section 3.11 that appear in WeBWork 9. o All the problems in WeBWorks 10, 11 and 12. o Also from Rolle’s Theorem (section 4.2), look at the examples we did in class, and problems 68 and 69 from the book (page 228). - Specific skills you need to have for this test: o Be able to solve all the word problems in 3.11 (WeBWork 9) o For a function f , be able to find:
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Unformatted text preview: Critical points Inflection points Intervals where f is increasing, decreasing, and concave up and concave down. Find local minima and maxima by applying the 1 st or 2 nd Derivative Tests to critical points. Find minimum and maximum on a closed interval . o Given the graph of the first derivative f’ , be able to use this graph to find information about the original function f : Critical points and inflection points of f The intervals where f is increasing or decreasing, and concave up or concave down. o Asymptotic behavior (i.e. limits at infinity) of polynomials and rational functions. o Be able to solve the optimization problems in WeBWork 12. o L’Hôpital’s Rule – be able to use it to find appropriate limits (WeBWork 12)....
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