Human Resource Management

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Capter 4 Quiz 1)__________ is the process of identifying the tasks, duties and responsibilities expected to be performed. A)Job specifications B)Job specialization C)Job design D)Job analysis 2) According to the Company Spotlight on Ford's Model T, to what are the labor efficiencies attributed? A)Mass-production assembly line. B)Ford's congenial demeanor toward his workers. C)Individualized attention given to each car that was produced. D)Availability of skilled workers. 3) Having one person at a restaurant in charge of distributing menus and sitting all customers is an example of? A)Time and motion studies B)Job simplification C)Job specialization D) Job analysis 4) Which of the following is NOT one of the three psychological states that affect employee motivation and satisfaction? A) Experienced meaningfulness of the work. B) Experienced good physical working conditions. C) Experienced responsibility for the outcomes of the work. D) Knowledge of the actual results of work activities. 5) In terms of core job dimensions, college professors have substantial freedom and discretion in
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chp4-1 - Capter 4 Quiz 1)_ is the process of identifying...

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