Human Resource Management

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Chapter 3 Quizz 1)Laws, regulations and processes related to fair treatment of employees is ________. A) anti-harassment legislation B) equal employment opportunity C) civil rights legislation D) Americans with Disabilities Act 2)What is it called when people are treated differently at work because of arbitrary characteristics such as race that have no relevance to their ability to perform their job? A)involuntary compliance B)affirmative action C) harassment D)discrimination 3) Which of the following is NOT considered a protected classification or class? A)veteran status B) sex C) residence D) national origin 4) Requiring candidates to be able to lift 100 pounds is necessary to effectively perform the duties of a warehouse foreman is an example of ________. A)bona fide occupational qualification B) job description C) discrimination D) voluntary compliance 5) In the Company Spotlight on the Zoo Crew, why did the Phoenix Suns and Sports Magic lose a lawsuit over hiring only males? A) They wanted to compete with Hooters. B) They discriminated against males between 40 and 70 years old. C) They did not prove a business necessity. D) They did not integrate Hispanic males in their hiring. 6) Which one of the following is an example of disparate or adverse impact?
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