Human Resource Management

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Chapter 2 Quiz 1) Outperforming competitors by maintaining the ability to offer the lowest costs for products or services is ________. A) differentiation strategy B) cost leadership strategy C) focus strategy D) economics strategy 2) __________ is achieving competitive advantage over competitors by providing something unique for which customers are willing to pay. A) Differentiation strategy B) Cost leadership strategy C) Focus strategy D) Economic strategy 3) A good example of a company that is effective in using the cost leadership strategy is ________. A) Jos. A. Banks B) Barnes & Noble C) Bloomingdale's D)Wal-Mart 4) What percent of all employers do small businesses represent? A) 75% B) 10% C) 50% D) 99% 5) Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of the organizational life cycle? A) start-up B) emerging growth C) downsize D) maturity 6) As an organization becomes more established, larger and successful, they need to do which of the following? A) Become more entrepreneurial.
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