Slums - Hourglass Economy-The United States economy is...

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Slums- Slums are generally overpopulated, run-down, poverty stricken areas. These communities lack sufficient access to purified water and proper sanitation. Slums in a sense barely have any government order. There is a lot of corruption in slums because there is no one there to enforce the rules and regulations. This causes slums to have high crime rates. I think the topic of slums is controversial because countries that have slums fail to acknowledge that they are not doing enough to help people living in these areas to improve their conditions. Many countries with several slums sometimes get aid from other countries that are more stable then they are to use towards improving the slums in their countries. A majority of the time all the aid that is provided is not used towards the right purpose, which is to improve the slum. The role slums play in planning, policy and public health is that many changes need to be made by innovated need ideas, tackling corruption and creating awareness to get people to actually want to make a difference. The poverty rate in America is rising
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Unformatted text preview: Hourglass Economy-The United States economy is starting to resemble an hourglass. The rich are getting richer while the middle class is starting to disappear and the poor class is increasing in size. The middle is diminishing due to globalization and the development of technology. The rich people are at an advantage because they are benefiting disproportionately from multiple gains in trade and from tax accommodations that work in their favor. I find the hourglass description to be a very interesting way to view the American economy because to me it is a legitimate analogy. The hourglass economy plays a role in planning, policy and public health because clearly some of the current policies that are in place need to be revised. There needs to be new policies in place that preserve certain jobs so that it will not cause the middle class to shrink drastically. Every class plays a particular role in our society; with out the middle class and a larger low class, there will be an even wider gap between the rich and poor....
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Slums - Hourglass Economy-The United States economy is...

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