Food desert - impact the lack of accessible healthy foods...

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Food desert- Food desserts can be in both urban and rural areas. It is a location where healthy, and reasonable priced foods are difficult to get hold of. Food deserts are associated with many health related problems. Many people who live in these areas face health problems such as undernourishment, obesity, diabetes and chronic illnesses. Although food deserts can be in rural areas they are mostly common in low-socioeconomic communities. Food deserts are important to our class because it lead us to talk about why people don’t have accessibility to healthy foods. Reasons such as the lack of transportation, the far distances of super markets and the cheap prices of fast foods are all some contributing factors to why people fail to have nutritious foods. I found this topic to be interesting because I did not realize how much of an
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Unformatted text preview: impact the lack of accessible healthy foods had on our society. I feel that the food desert is a problem that is not being dealt with properly. The role food deserts play in planning, policy and health is that this topic is an issue that needs to be addressed more frequently. As a country, we pay more attention to tackling unnecessary issues and advancing but we fail to tackle major issues like the food desert. Despite where you live, everyone should be entitled to accessible healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. I feel that if there can be many fast food joints in low income areas than super markets with healthy organic foods should be within a nearby, central location in which everyone can go to. Policies need to be enacted to make sure that healthy food in distributed properly in all areas....
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Food desert - impact the lack of accessible healthy foods...

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