ay45c3-page3 - Then, d3p = p2 dp d = c13 E 2dE d : So, for...

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Unformatted text preview: Then, d3p = p2 dp d = c13 E 2dE d : So, for photons in a xed energy interval dE around E , d3p is proportional to the solid angle element d that encompasses their directions and to E 2dE . We should here say a word about the notation d for solid angle; it is measured in steradians, a unit such that the full 2-sphere is 4 steradians, i.e. d = 4 : sphere Z In spherical polar coordinates, d decomposes into the two orthogonal directions, d = sin dd' = d(cos )d' : dθ sin θ d ϕ If we consider photons moving in one direction and normally incident on a detector, then d3x is related to their ux: 27 ...
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