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M2010-719 IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Storage Sales Mastery Test v5
and HIPAA regulations that require change C. Offer a Butterfly analysis to help them see their environment including current and future total costs of running backup/recovery. D. A and C Answer:C QUESTION:25 Tivoli Storage Flash Copy Manager is very useful for large databases and custom applications. What does it provide? D
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QUESTION:26 Which is NOT true about using the Butterfly Analysis?
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Unformatted text preview:E. All of the above Answer: B QUESTION: 27 When doing a POC against CommVault, what you should suggest to make them look bad? A. Recover synthetic backups B. Run a full backup C. Use the scheduler D. Run for only 3 days Answer: A QUESTION: 28 What is an example of Server Hypervisor? A. TADDAM B. Hypervisor for Windows and o/s2 C. VMware D. SAN Volume Controller Answer: C QUESTION: 29 What Common capabilities does a storage Hypervisor NOT provide? A. I/O Caching B. Automated Tiering C. Application aware snapshot D. Encryption Answer: D QUESTION: 30 What is the value of the database within the TSM server? A. SmartCloud support B. Integration into VMware C. Allows users to manage more data with less hardware compared to our competition D. Limits the errors in the environment Answer: C For More exams visit http s ://killexams.com /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!