ay45c4-page49 - P mass m F1 ψ1 F2 ψ 2 r 60 A M1 60 O R M2...

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Unformatted text preview: P mass m F1 ψ1 F2 ψ 2 r 60 A M1 60 O R M2 CoM pR B (1− p)R We want to see that F 1 + F 2 exactly balances the centrifugal term mr!2. The magnitudes of F 1 and F 2 are F1 = GmM1 = Gm(1R2 p)M R2 F2 = GmM2 = GmpM R2 R2 where p  M2=M1 and M = M1 + M2. So the condition for force balance perpendicular to r is ? F1 sin 1 = F2 sin 2 : Apply the Law of Sines to the triangle AOP, p sin 60 = 3=2 = sin 1 : r r pR 108 ...
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