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Biological Molecules - 13 Synthetic Fat Olestra is a synthetic fat, marketed under the trade name of Olean. It mimics the texture and properties of triglycerides, is fat soluble, but not digestible or absorbed into the body, so all Olestra consumed passes through the digestive tract. Hence, it is considered to be calorie-free. Olestra is a sucrose polyester, composed of fatty acids attached to sucrose rather than glycerol. Six to eight fatty acids are attached to the sucrose molecule so the lipase digestive enzymes can't function to hydrolyze the ester bonds. Simplesse is a fat substitute that mimics the texture of fat in the oral cavity. It is synthesized from egg and milk proteins. The shape of the simplesse molecule is spherical, resembling miniature marbles, so the product has the slick texture of
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Unformatted text preview: fat. Simplesse is not heat stable, and cannot substitute for fats in frying or baking. Phospholipids Phospholipids are structural molecules forming the major component of all membranes of cells. Phospholipids are composed of a glycerol molecule with two fatty acids attached by ester bonds and a polar phosphate-containing compound attached to the third carbon. The benefit of the phospholipid structure is that the phosphate region makes the molecule highly amphipathic, ideal for the cell membrane structure Hydrophilic portion in the phosphate region Hydrophobic portion in the fatty acid tails The most common phospholipid is lecithin Phospholipids also make excellent emulsifiers and are used in a number of food and household products....
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