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BiologicalMolecules160-page14 - are similar in structure to...

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Biological Molecules - 14 Waxes Waxes are similar to triglycerides except they are highly saturated with long-chain fatty acids and have a long-chain alcohol or carbon ring to which the fatty acids bond. They have a rigid, solid structure at "normal" temperatures on earth. Waxes form protective layers on surfaces of many organisms, provide water- resistance, and in some cases, structure. Some organisms can digest waxes for fuel. Sterols (Steroids) All steroids are composed of hydrocarbon chains with four interconnected rings. Although rarely found in plants, certain plant steroids, such as the soy flavinoids,
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Unformatted text preview: are similar in structure to the estrogen hormones of animals. Steroids are used in organisms for a variety of purposes. • Vitamins A and D • Hormones (adrenal cortex & sex hormones) • Cholesterol • Precursor to most steroid hormones and vitamin D • Necessary for structure of nerve system cells • Component of animal cell membranes – not found in plants • Cholesterol is made in the liver from digested fatty acids...
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