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College Essay KU - Perusing through history we can find...

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Perusing through history, we can find evident changes in technology of our generation from its predecessor. From crayons to ballpoint pens, band-aids to atomic bombs, and Windows to the World Wide Web, our society and generation has clearly entered the Age of Technology. The computer age has risen from depths and soared to the highest priority of major corporations; however, has the significance of computers corrupted the purpose of technology? Computers do have their importance in this generation, but they also have significant costs that need to be recognized. When computers were first introduced into the commercial world, corporations put much value upon the new technology. The computer can perform operations significantly faster than the average worker. Tasks once performed by hand were completed at a snail’s pace when compared to the computer processing speed that computes at the blink of an eye. For the most part, this was a benefit; however, more productibility caused business owners to picture their wallets growing larger through the
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College Essay KU - Perusing through history we can find...

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