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Chemistry Concepts - 1 As indicated in our course introduction, much of Biology 101 emphasizes the study of cells, which structurally and functionally are an aggregate of atoms and molecules (chemicals) working together, and which require the energy of these chemicals to stay alive and to function. Atoms and molecules combine in various ways (to be discussed) to form the structures of the cells and tissues of which living organisms are composed, and provide the energy to sustain these cells and tissues. In our first unit of lectures we will discuss the basic structure of atoms and molecules to help us understand the biological concepts that will follow in this course. Atoms The atom is the fundamental unit of matter. And matter is any substance of the universe (gas, liquid, solid, plasma). More simply, matter is stuff or anything that has mass and occupies space. Living organisms are composed of matter. Matter can be changed from one form to another in a chemical reaction, a process in
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