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Chemistry Concepts - 5 Electron Orbitals and the Stability of Atoms Generally there are two rules for finding electrons in orbitals 1. Each electron orbital holds 2 electrons 2. Electrons occupy orbitals with the lowest energy level possible Again, there are a variety of possible energy levels (shells) for the electrons of an atom to occur in, and within each energy level, a set number of electron orbitals. The energy levels and orbital patterns are specific characteristics of each type of atom, and are best left to chemistry classes for detailed discussion. But we can have a little lesson. Electrons fill lower energy level shells first, and then progress to higher shells. Interactions Between Atoms The nucleus of the atom tends to provide stability, while electron shells permit interactions between atoms, called bonds. Nuclei of atoms are not affected by normal energy sources, whereas electrons are dynamic; bonds form when electrons from one atom are gained, lost or shared with other atoms. Such
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