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Chemistry Concepts - 11 Other Weak Bonds Hydrophilic (polar) and Hydrophobic (non-polar) molecules separate from each other in aqueous solutions because water is a polar molecule, and water molecules are attracted to other polar substances and repelled by non-polar molecules. Likewise, non-polar molecules are attracted to other non-polar substances and repelled by polar molecules. (Oil and water truly do not mix.) The hydrophobic interactions of non-polar molecules in solution are reinforced by very weak interactions called van der Waals forces. These interactions are the result of electron motions and the brief attraction a polar molecule will have for another atom's electrons when adjacent to it. This attraction causes a brief charge reaction between the two molecules Water and Life on Earth As we know, life on earth is based on the substance, water. Water is the most abundant compound found in living organisms (about 80%). We have just seen that polar and non-polar molecules act differently in water.
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