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Chemistry160-page15 - hydrogen NOTE pH = the negative log...

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Chemistry Concepts - 15 pH, Acids, Bases and Water How do acids and bases relate to water and its dissociation, and what does this mean to living organisms? We'll answer that in just a minute, after discussing the phenomenon of pH (which is related to H + concentration). Recall that at any given moment, 10 -7 of any H 2 O (Water) will be H + and OH - . This ratio of H + to OH - ions in water is used as a standard to measure the acidity of a substance. This measurement of H + ions has been "translated" to a scale of pH (power of
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Unformatted text preview: hydrogen). NOTE: pH = the negative log of H + in the substance so that on the pH scale: 1 = maximum H + , or the most acid. 14 = the most basic 7 = neutral (which is the pH of pure water) N ow, why do we care? Reactions of living organisms are very sensitive to levels of pH. It is therefore critical to maintain proper pH in an environment where cells and tissues are exposed to much variation in H + concentration....
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