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DNA160-page1 - DNA Structure and Replication 1 We have...

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DNA: Structure and Replication - 1 We have briefly discussed that DNA is the genetic molecule of life. In eukaryotic organisms DNA (along with its histone proteins) is found in chromosomes. We have also learned that the metabolic activities of a cell are catalyzed by enzymes, specific proteins, and that the instructions for the synthesis of proteins are found in the structure of DNA. Moreover, a gene is a region of DNA that specifies a certain inheritable characteristic or trait. This region of DNA stores the information in a coded form that specifies the sequence of amino acids that comprise a specific polypeptide. The genes we inherit from our parents determine the polypeptides we synthesize in our cells, which determine the structure and functioning of our cells and tissues. What DNA is and how DNA works is the subject of this unit of Biology 160. We will look at the structure and functions of DNA, how the information stored in DNA is
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