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DNA: Structure and Replication - 4 Still, the structure of DNA was unknown, so no one had an explanation for how DNA could do its job. The search continued. Structural Evidences Supporting DNA as the Genetic Molecule Demonstrating that DNA was the genetic molecule was one significant part of the solution. To learn how DNA works also required knowledge of the three dimensional structure of the molecule. By the early 1950's the following was known about the DNA molecule:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. DNA was composed of nucleotides. Each nucleotide contained: • Phosphate (P) • The 5-carbon sugar, deoxyribose • One of four different nitrogen-containing bases Two were double ring purines Adenine Guanine Two were single ring pyrimidines Thymine Cytosine The sugar phosphate formed a backbone with one of the four bases attached to the side of the sugar....
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