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Biotechnology - 10 DNA Profiling Increasingly, STRs are used for individual profiling (or DNA fingerprinting) precisely because each of us has these unique sequences. Blood or DNA samples provided by those in the military or those convicted of certain crimes are kept in national databases for potential identification purposes. Use of STR bands for DNA Profiling DNA profiling can also be used when an individual's DNA is subjected to a number of different restriction enzymes. Each enzyme recognizes and cuts RFLPs (restriction fragment length polymorphisms) differently. The DNA is then run on a
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Unformatted text preview: gel, and the patterns produced can be compared to target samples. Because of the sensitivity of DNA analysis using these STR and RFLPs techniques, forensic cases can use DNA from small samples of skin, hair roots, semen, and even dried blood. The accuracy of these techniques for positive identification is very high. Similarly, a child's DNA "fingerprint" will be a composite of its two parents. DNA fingerprints can also be used to match potential donors and recipients for medical purposes. DNA fingerprints also help establish evolutionary relationships....
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