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Biotechnology - 13 We have a number of transgenic organisms into whose egg cells or early embryos a growth hormone has been injected. Such animals reach maturity much faster than normal so that they can be marketed sooner. Salmon given growth hormone Mouse given human growth hormone Human growth hormone can be produced by bacteria in culture, isolated and purified. The growth hormone can be used to treat children who are genetically lacking this hormone. It helps achieve more "normal" growth patterns. Sometimes parents of children of normal growth request growth hormone treatments thinking it will help their child to become taller and more successful. No hormones should be used frivolously. Selective Gene Breeding Genetic engineering is widely being used for selective breeding in cattle, horses and other domesticated animals, saving many generations of breeding to get desired characteristics. Moreover, with cattle, at least, the young totipotent embryo can be "teased" apart so that one zygote can be used to make a dozen identical
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