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Biotechnology - 18 Correcting Defective Genes in the Embryo For the future we can expect similar techniques to be used in conjunction with gene corrections of "defective" genes. A couple with a known genetic disorder can provide fertilized eggs for culture. Embryos can be grown in culture along with a vector that carries the normal gene sequence. Genetically corrected nuclei can be extracted from the embryo culture and implanted in enucleated eggs from the mother. The genetically corrected egg can now be implanted and a "normal" child can result. It was recently announced that an embryo that carried gene markers for Alzheimer's had been "corrected" this way. Concerns about DNA Technology Some question the ethics of manipulating a genetic code that has evolved over billions of years just because we humans have reached a stage in our knowledge and technology when we can start to do so. Some of the questions we might ask are: What happens if a gene splices into an inappropriate location in the target
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