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Biotechnology - 19 In agriculture, there is hope of vastly improving plant productivity, by growing plants in areas not poorly suited for agriculture, such as saline soils, or soils with little moisture, or low fertility. What will this mean for the numbers of humans and non-humans who inhabit this earth now? What impact will this have on the earth's other resources? Not to mention the impact on that area not now suited for human agricultural practices. Should we have concern that, no matter how remote the likelihood, some altered organism might escape and cause grave harm to our ecosystems? After all, some natural organisms do just that. With humans, we are concerned that gene products, which are frequently proteins, might trigger an allergic reaction in someone who unwittingly eats a food containing a protein to which he/she is allergic. (This is actually a risk for anytime anyone eats a protein-containing food that he/she has not yet eaten.) With better screening ability, what are the ethical issues associated with
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