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Energy160-page1 - Energy Flow in Cells 1 Thousands of...

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Energy Flow in Cells - 1 Thousands of chemical reactions occur in our cells and tissues to keep us alive (and hopefully healthy). We have discussed some of the molecules of living organisms (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, etc.) in the context of the functions they perform in cells and tissues. These coordinated, controlled and orderly activities of cells collectively comprise the metabolism of living organisms. Much of metabolism involves energy transfer so it is helpful to have a common knowledge base about energy. The energy used in metabolism is chemical energy, the energy of electrons. This energy is used to build and maintain our cells and tissues, to move materials into and out of our cells, to process fuel molecules - to do the work of the cell. We will briefly look at the physical laws that govern energy flow, how energy flow relates to chemical reactions and how living organisms control the chemical reactions that occur in their cells and tissues. Since enzymes catalyze our chemical reactions it's important to take a look at enzyme activity, too. Defining Energy
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