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Energy Flow in Cells - 3 To give an example, Apple trees trap light waves of solar radiation in the process of photosynthesis. They use the photosynthetic products to provide energy to maintain their cells and tissues and to produce apple fruits. Apple trees are maintaining their organized structure (and function) by obtaining "fresh" energy through photosynthesis. The apple fruit may lose its energy to you when you choose to eat an apple. The apple becomes seriously disordered as it passes through your digestive system as you process it for nutrients to maintain the organization of your cells. This is the critical part of the second law of thermodynamics – order. Regions of concentrated energy, such as that found in the intact apple, tend to be more orderly than regions of more random energy, found in the individual molecules of the degraded apple in your intestine. A living organism constantly uses energy to maintain order and to prevent disorder of its cells and tissues. It does so at the
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