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Energy Flow in Cells - 13 Using Enzyme Activity in Research One of the fascinating enzyme actions is on the fluorescent molecule, luciferin. A number of living organisms have enzymes, called luciferases, that cause luciferin to fluoresce (give off light). Fireflies are infamous for this activity, although their use of flashing light is to attract mates, as do some marine worm species. Many Dinoflagellates (photosynthetic protists) fluoresce, probably as a defense activity.
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Unformatted text preview: Genetic researchers have been able to isolate the genes for luciferase and splice this gene into any number of organisms for a variety of genetic and medical research purposes. A more novel use of this was the creation of the fluorescent rabbit for artist, Eduardo Kac ( The gene transferred was a fluorescent gene from a jellyfish. Alba, the fluorescent bunny. Photo: Chrystelle Fontaine...
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