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Energy160-page14 - alternative metabolic pathways Enzyme...

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Energy Flow in Cells - 14 Some Vocabulary Review Endergonic An energy consuming chemical reaction Exergonic An energy releasing chemical reaction Reactants The substance undergoing a chemical reaction. Also called: Substrate or Precursor A T P Adenosine triphosphate, the energy currency of cells Metabolism The chemical reactions which occur in living organisms Metabolite Compound involved in a metabolic pathway Secondary Metabolite Produced as a by-product or indirect product of a metabolic pathway Intermediate Metabolite Compound in the middle of a pathway, or a compound that can branch into
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Unformatted text preview: alternative metabolic pathways Enzyme Protein that serves as a catalyst for a metabolic reaction Cofactors Inorganic metal ions that work with enzymes Coenzymes Small organic molecules (often vitamins)that work with enzymes Products The substance(s) left or produced at the end of a metabolic reaction A by-product is a product not needed for cell use at the end Oxidation The loss of electrons (or in cell processes, a Hydrogen ion with its electron) Reduction The gain of electrons (or in cell processes, a Hydrogen ion with its electron)...
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