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Evolutionary Mechanisms - 8 Adaptation - Traits Subject to Selection In general, adaptations are characteristics that help an individual survive and reproduce in its environment and are therefore important to the process of selection in evolution. The environment includes both the physical environment and interactions with other organisms. Many of the relationships organisms have with other organisms deal with survival strategies: competition for resources, predator-prey interactions or symbiosis. A few examples will be discussed to illustrate selection.
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Unformatted text preview: Adaptations can be morphological, behavioral, physiological or a combination of these. Morphological adaptations involve shape, patterns, size, color, etc. Mechanical Protection • Spines, thorn, hairs, prickles • Very common on plants • Common on some small animals, too Warning patterns Striking pattern or colors that signal to potential predators that you are to be avoided (don't sample me). Warning coloration is also called aposematic coloration....
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