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EvolutionMechanisms160-page11 - Viceroys look like monarchs...

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Evolutionary Mechanisms - 11 Mimicry involves many strategies but all involve an organism that resembles something else that has a bad association, so it does not get eaten. The mimic may or may not be most delicious. Mimicry overlaps with cryptic patterns that also allow one to avoid predation. Monarch butterflies raise larvae on milkweeds that have distasteful alkaloids. Adult monarchs retain the alkaloids and are not good prey.
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Unformatted text preview: Viceroys look like monarchs and are not eaten, even though they do not have an alkaloid taste. • Syrphid flies resemble bees, but have no stinger. • Some orchid flowers look like and smell like female wasps. They attract male wasps who pollinate the flowers when they attempt to copulate. This has been called pseudocopulation. Bee and Syrphid Fly Monarch and Viceroy Coral and King Snake...
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