Freedom Essay (edit)

Freedom Essay (edit) - Jason Christian Action For years...

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Jason Christian Action For years, people have been fighting for their innate rights. Battles have raged on, blood has been shed, and many have died to give their children a better life. The plagues of war have created a greater place to live. An unknown author once said, “I prefer liberty with danger to peace with slavery.” This concept has repeatedly been displayed by the actions of men. The one method for obtaining freedom is by action. Through wars, speeches, civil disobedience, etc., people can overcome the slavery and injustice in their lives. Looking to the past gives a reality to the concept of slavery. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for the release of slavery’s bindings of segregation in our country. Although he was ridiculed and beaten, he continued to fight through danger. Even after his death, his message was heard, and segregation slowly faded. His actions helped to sway the nation and to bring the end of segregation in America. He was and will always be a great model
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  • Spring '08
  • Chamberlain
  • American Revolution, United States Declaration of Independence, Washington, D.C., Gallaudet University

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Freedom Essay (edit) - Jason Christian Action For years...

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