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Principles of Evolution - 2 Throughout recorded history, humans have been trying to find natural explanations for our observations of events around us, including explanations for the vast diversity of organisms that inhabit this earth with us. Humans of all cultures have always tried to group, or classify organisms, in attempts to clarify what has been observed. One of the concerns in classification was to determine what comprised a unique group of organisms, what we now call a species, a question still debated to some extent today. In earlier centuries, most considered visual characteristics for defining groups or species; today, we mostly use reproductive isolation as the major determinant of a species. In the 1700's Linneaus developed the classification system in use today - binomial nomenclature. Each species is given a binomial. Closely related species share the Genus name, genera are grouped into families, then orders, classes, kingdoms and domains. Plato, an early Greek philosopher, proposed that each object on earth was a
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