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Principles of Evolution - 3 Early Proposals for Organisms Changing Through Time Buffon In the late 1700's, a zoologist, Buffon, speculated that perhaps there had been several "centers of creation" and that species were "conceived by nature and produced by time". His hypothesis was not widely accepted since he had no mechanism to explain how nature could do this, or how there had been enough time on earth for the modifications to occur. Buffon used Linnaeus' classification schemes to support his ideas on how organisms related to each other. Cuvier Cuvier proposed that species were created at one time, but a series of catastrophes periodically destroyed many species. The survivors of these catastrophes were found in the current world. However, the fossil record did not contain remains of any of the species from the current world, although one would think that at least some of the individuals of the surviving species would have perished in the catastrophes. Agassiz, a follower of Cuvier, proposed multiple
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