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EvolutionPrinciples160-page4 - Principles of Evolution 4...

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Principles of Evolution - 4 Lamarck's Contributions About this same time, Lamarck proposed that all organisms had been created in a simple state and were improved by gradual changes into more complex structures. He was much taken by the gradual changes shown in many organisms in the fossil records. The motivation for the improvement, according to Lamarck, was an innate "drive for perfection". The need to have a better structure resulted in some body force directed to fulfilling that need which was then passed on to one's offspring. Lamarck was the first to propose that one's environment was important to survival, although he erred in proposing how changes occurred, and were subsequently passed on from one generation to the next. (But he also preceded Mendel). Lamarck's work has often been called evolution through the inheritance of acquired characteristics, but that is not exactly what he did. Lamarck's View of Change Post-Darwin's View of Change Thomas Malthus
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