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Principles of Evolution - 7 Vestigial structures: Structures that have no "function" but have a common origin, such as pelvic bones in snakes and whales that have no lower appendages, and the human appendix, a vestigial ceacum. Whale Pelvic Girdle Common Embryological Structures, such as gill slits in vertebrates or heart structural development Heart in Shark and Human Embryo Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics: DNA Homologies and amino acid
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Unformatted text preview: sequences reveal relationships and can date divergence among groups of similar organisms. • All cells have DNA as the genetic molecule • All cells use RNA and about the same genetic code to translate DNA genetic information in the synthesis of proteins, using the same 20+ amino acids • All cells use ATP as the energy carrier Hemoglobin Comparisons Cytochromes in Yeast, Wheat and Primate...
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