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Gene Regulation - 8 Control elements consist of: A specific promoter region within the control elements, which indicates the starting point for transcription. A region called the enhancer that stimulates the binding of RNA polymerase to the promoter region. The enhancer region is comprised of non-coding DNA that binds to transcription factors called activators. Activators fold the DNA so that the enhancers are brought to the promoter region of the gene where they bind to additional transcription factors Silencers are control elements that can inhibit transcription. A repressor is a transcription factor that binds to a silencer control element and blocks transcription. is called When a repressor is attached to the silencer region, activators are can't bind to enhancers, and transcription is repressed.
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Unformatted text preview: Transcription Initiation Complex Transcription factors bind to the enhancer (or silencer region of the gene if we are going to repress transcription instead) where activator proteins have attached. Hundreds of transcription factors have been identified in eukaryotes, and most likely are the direct control of transcription. The binding of activators to the enhancer results in bending the DNA molecule so that the activator proteins are brought more closely to the promoter region. This serves to attract more transcription factors to form a transcription initiation complex into which RNA polymerase can fit at the promoter region of the gene. When everything comes together, we get transcription....
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