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Human Inheritance Patterns - 2 At this time, we will look a bit at how we study human inheritance and at some of the research in the field of human genetics today. We will also look at some chromosomal alterations that affect human inheritance. In our next unit, we will address some of the ways in which biotechnology is progressing with gene therapy with human genetic disorders. Most of the research attention focuses on the inheritance of genetic conditions which negatively impact health and well-being, perhaps because these genetic traits are more easily identified, and perhaps because we would like to be able to better treat or prevent these conditions. Inheritance of Recessive Alleles Any alteration of a gene, called a mutation, has the potential to inhibit the formation of a needed enzyme or other protein needed for the organism. Gene alterations that affect health are called genetic disorders. Those that are just "abnormal" but do not affect physiological health, are called genetic abnormalities. When the genetic
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