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Human Inheritance Patterns - 4 Dominant Allele Disorders It is rare to have serious genetic disorders that are caused by dominant alleles. The dominant is always expressed so individuals who inherit the dominant allele express the genetic problem and often succumb to the effects of the disorder before they can reproduce and pass the trait on to their children. The exceptions are dominant alleles that express themselves post-reproductively, or some that have no negative physiological impact. Rarely, a mutation can result in deactivation of a normal allele.
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Unformatted text preview: • Huntington's disease o Huntington's causes the brain to deteriorate, a disease which affected Woody Guthrie. Although it is possible to identify and screen for the Huntington's dominant allele, many who have the trait in their pedigree may choose not to go through the testing procedure. It may be difficult to decide if one wants to know that he/she will have the symptoms of this brain disease at "mid-life". • Acondroplastic Dwarfism o Rare in the human population. This dominant allele is not lethal....
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