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Human Inheritance Patterns - 5 Sex-Linked Recessive Problems Sex-linked human disorders are caused by non-functioning alleles on the X chromosome. Sex-linked human disorders disproportionately appear in males, who inherit the non-functioning allele from a carrier (heterozygous) mother who does not exhibit the symptoms of the disorder. Fathers pass the allele to their daughters, who, if they inherit a normal allele from the mother will be carriers who do not exhibit symptoms. Females must inherit the non-functioning allele from both parents to have symptoms of the disorder. In a similar fashion, sons cannot inherit the allele from their father, because they inherit the Y chromosome from their father.
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Unformatted text preview: Some Sex-Linked Human Disorders Hemophilia Hemophilia is caused by the inability to produce a critical blood-clotting factor. Hemophilia is treated by supplying the affected individuals with the clotting factor. If not treated, hemophilia is usually fatal. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy One of the forms of muscle degeneration Fragile X A nucleotide repeat disorder that causes mental impairment Red-green colorblindness Androgen insensitivity Males do not respond in development to androgen signals resulting in sterility and some "female" traits....
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