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Human Inheritance Patterns - 7 Non-disjunction of sex chromosomes There are a number of sex chromosome non-disjunctions. Monosomy X0 Turner syndrome Symptoms include absence of secondary sexual development and sterility because of insufficient hormone production. Turner syndrome is more often the result of non-disjunction in sperm formation (75%) than in egg formation. Monosomy Y0 Lethal in embryonic development Trisomy XXX (female) No detectable problems. Females are usually fertile and bear normal XX or XY children.
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Unformatted text preview: Trisomy XXY (male) (and other multiples with both X and Y, except XYY) Kleinfelter syndrome May have mixed secondary sexual development at puberty and low sperm production; the testes and prostate gland are smaller than normal. Males are generally taller and heavier than average. Two-thirds of the extra Xs come from the egg. Trisomy XYY (male) Jacob Syndrome Increased vertical stature May have higher testosterone levels and greater incidence of acne...
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