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Inheritance Patterns - 10 Morgan concluded that eye color was related to sex, and that the sex-determining chromosomes also had genes that were unrelated to gender determination. Prior to Morgan's discovery, no one knew that genes unrelated to gender were also located on these chromosomes. These other traits are said to be sex-linked because they are inherited along with the sex of the individual. Because the X and Y chromosome are not exactly matching, the X chromosome can have genes that are not located on the Y chromosome, and vice-versa. Some of these genes are unrelated to the sexual characteristics, but are inherited with the sex-determination. This is referred to as sex-linkage. Some human sex-linked traits are Hemophilia (X) Hairy ear rims (Y) Red-green color blindness (X) Duchenne muscular dystrophy (X) Many human traits follow Mendelian inheritance predictions. You will look at some of those in the laboratory as well as reading about them in your text. We will not extensively discuss in lecture the specific crosses or predictions that
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