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Inheritance Patterns - 15 Genes with More Than One Effect - Pleiotropy (Pleio means "more") Although we typically think of a gene having a single phenotype, many genes are expressed in multiple ways having several effects on the organism. Genes with multiple effects are called pleiotropic genes. Some Examples Albino condition (No Pigment) Eye and skin sensitivity to light in many animals Frizzle feathers in chickens -- affects feather shape Feathers can't insulate properly Metabolic problems relating to inability to thermoregulate. Abnormal hemoglobin molecule -- affects shape of hemoglobin Protein
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Unformatted text preview: SRY gene on Y chromosome Codes for the protein that activates the genes that code for testes formation. Testes formation activates hormone production that induces development of other male organs. Cystic Fibrosis in Humans -- affects an ion channel protein Multiple respiratory problems from mucus blockages Blockage of pancreatic ducts Marfan Syndrome Fibrillin, a protein needed for connective tissue formation, is defective, leading to "loose" connective tissues and weakness in the skeleton, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments and joint areas....
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